ArXiv Fever

ArXiv is a public repository where researchers make their new work available. It's a great resource when you are trying to find cutting-edge research undertaken by physicists, computer scientists, or biologists, among others. Since these are people who do a lot to advance fields like social network analysis and datamining, sociologists should not shy away from this work, despite the many equations.

In this post, I'll develop a quick and diry way to get an impression of what is happening on arXiv using the service's API.

Introducing I/O

By setting up this research blog, I'm finally getting around to something I've been planning to do ever since starting my postdoc at the beginning of this calendar year. I'm calling it I/O, not just because I deal a lot with inputs and outputs in my day-to-day work as a researcher, but also because I hope to provide a bit of a peek into the ins and outs of doing the kinds of research work I'm currently doing. It involves collecting, handling and analyzing novel kinds of data.

At irregular intervals I will be posting snippets of code and other solutions to research problems I've come up with in the course of my work. My work relies heavily on the Python programming language and a number of excellent libraries in its ecosystem, including pandas, numpy, igraph, shapely, and fiona. I'm mostly dealing with ...